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PLUGG is a location-based app that connects users
to bars, lounges, clubs and special events throughout your city

What is PLUGG?

Discover Events

Get the premiere experience of entertainment and keep up with the hottest events in your city.

  • Event News Feed
  • Search Live Events
  • Purchase Event Tickets

Buy Tickets

With PLUGG, you can purchase tickets to the hottest events in your city within one simple mobile application. Once you purchase your tickets, you can share your event with friends and invite other PLUGG users to join you!

  • Networking/Collaboration
  • Order Tickets
  • Engage with other users

PLUGG Profile

Create a user profile that’s as unique as you are. Your PLUGG profile allows other users to connect with and attend upcoming events with you. We want you and your friends to get plugged in to what is happening in your area.

  • Direct Messaging
  • Events Attending
  • Share events with other users

Chat With Friends

Stay plugged into what is going on in your city by chatting directly with other PLUGG users. Want to know where the hottest event in your city is and who’s attending? PLUGG has you covered!

  • Direct user-to-user Messaging
  • Connect and share events
  • Meet new users

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